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FreedÔm Generation Activation




  • a simple and entertaining system

  • an enjoyable and healthy game

  • a beneficial habit, accessible to all

It allows Generating / Activating, more self-recognition, understanding, Freedom, through a special FreedÔm Generation routine.



My FreedÔm Generation Process : « MY FG PROCESS »

An online process for YOUR FREEDOM :

  • gentle

  • progressive

  • light

  • deep

  • global

By practicing it with consistency, with each session you amplify your Freedom-Life.

Live Free by Activating yourself => W.E.L.S



=> The 4 spheres of Activation created by FG to BOOST your Freedom : A growing and lasting Freedom.


8 ou ∞ = Symbol of the Eternal






A simple Freedom-System, in 4 STEPS, and in total Autonomy


1) On my computer or my favorite screen (tablet, smartphone, ...), I watch (during 30+ minutes for example) 1 FG TV video that I choose among 100+ Freedom-videos available on FG TV for « MY FG PROCESS »

2) In a notebook (paper or digital) reserved for « MY FG PROCESS » :
During each of my sessions, I can write my Inspirations (ideas, organization, plan) to expand my list of personal Self-Liberating actions to implement in my life for my growing and permanent Freedom (in summary : my well-being, my peace, my joy)

3) I repeat my ritual, every day for example (habit, routine, consistency, discipline)

4) I observe the Expansion of my Freedom in all aspects of my LIFE, with thankfulness (Gratitude) for its PERFECTION ∞

GO PROCESS ! Join « The FreedÔm Generation » on FG TV

  • I click on one of the 4 W.E.L.S links below, for my FREEDOM ACTIVATION of the day,

  • I can also discover the information (sites, emails, ...) transmitted by each co-creator participant of FG TV,



"A Wide and Essential Enlightening Diversity"

FreedÔm Generation TV
FreedÔm Generation TV
FreedÔm Generation
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